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Mega Xperience? - Anycubic Mega X
  • - 3.5
At the end of the day, though, the Anycubic Mega-X does not differ very much from the former Mega S, except in build volume. It would have been nice to see new features such as WiFi connectivity, auto bed leveling, and quieter fans, but perhaps there is only so much you can expect at this price range and size of the machine. As a large new budget 3D printer with a decent out of the box printing experience and print quality, the Anycubic Mega X convinces.
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Strong Performance from a Robust Machine - Anycubic Vyper
  • - 4
I was impressed with the overall experience of using the Anycubic Vyper, and I have no doubt that this printer will find its niche among users interested in printing parts for production or simply just printing large volume parts. The solid build construction and fast set up time make it ideal for setting up a fleet of these machines quickly, or just for a fun weekend project.
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Anycubic Photon S Review - Anycubic Photon S
  • - 5
As far as 3D printers go, the value for money here is extraordinary. You will be amazed by the level of detail that can be found in the final prints. If you are considering starting 3D printing as a hobby, we would definitely recommend checking out this printer. The included software is rather basic, but it works well. And it is certainly a perfect starting point as it doesn’t over complicate things. Plus, if you’re a more experienced user, you can always use different software.
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