Introducing Printlitic - the go-to 3D printing resource created by Cheryl Owens! Five years ago, Cheryl discovered a passion for 3D printing. Since then she has been involved in every aspect of this rapidly growing technology and today she is excited to launch her website dedicated entirely to providing reviews on different kinds of printers as well as pricing information so you can make informed decisions about purchasing these machines. With Cheryl’s expertise and driving ambition, Printlitic is sure to be your most trusted friend when it comes to finding a printer that fits your needs perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of 3D printing with Printlitic!

The Vision Behind Printlitic

Cheryl Owens started Printlitic with a clear vision in mind - to bring 3D printing technology and resources into people’s lives. After spending five years perfecting her craft, Cheryl has launched an impressive website dedicated to providing up-to-date reviews of the latest 3D printers along with pricing information. This is no ordinary review site; it goes beyond offering simple buying advice to include problem-solving tips and suggestions for potential upgrades as well. With a suite of tools designed specifically for customers, Printlitic keeps them informed on all things related to 3d printing while helping streamline their decision-making process when shopping around. By being devoted not only towards delivering comprehensive reviews but also keeping customers updated about trends within this market, Cheryl ensures that anyone who visits Printlitic will receive the best possible service from start till finish!

Our Founder, Cheryl Owens

Our founder, Cheryl Owens, is an industry leader when it comes to 3D printing. She started Printlitic 5 years ago and sought out to provide a service that was missing from the market: full reviews on different types of 3D printers with associated pricing information. Over time she has built up her knowledge and expertise in all things related to the world of 3D printers so that now customers can easily find unbiased opinions based off Cheryl’s experiences before making their buying decisions. We here at Printlitic are proud supporters of what our visionary founder has achieved over the last five years!

What Does Printlitic Offer?

At Printlitic, we offer customers comprehensive 3D printing reviews and pricing information. Our founder, Cheryl Owens, has been working with 3D printing for the past five years and is passionate about helping customers make informed decisions when purchasing a printer. We strive to provide unbiased analysis of major 3d printers so that our readers can make educated choices in their buying journey. With an emphasis on value-for-money ratings and detailed specs on popular models from leading manufacturers such as HP or Epson; you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need at Printlitic!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

At Printlitic, we value customer feedback and are proud to have gathered many positive reviews and testimonials from customers throughout the years. We believe that our 3D printers provide an excellent service, backed up by great pricing information so informed decisions can be made when purchasing a new or used printer. From customers’ experiences over the five years since Cheryl Owens set-up shop in 3D printing, it is clear that her dedication to providing top quality products at competitive prices has been well received across all kinds of industries – from small businesses and education providers through to individuals interested in hobbyist activities. To read more about what our happy clients say about their experience with us here at Printlitic visit our website today!

Why Choose Printlitic?

Printlitic is the go-to source for all your 3D printer needs. We provide proven and reliable information on pricing and reviews when it comes to buying a 3D printer. Our mission at PrintLitc is to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck when choosing your next piece of technology; we provide comprehensive guides about printers so you can make informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed by excessive jargon or technical discussion. With our easy to use website layout allowing quick access to critical information such as price points and reviews from people around the world using a variety of different machines, we are here to help you make well inform purchasing decisions on new pieces of tech that fit within your budget!