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FlashForge Finder 3D Printer Review – Does the Finder Offer Enough?
total3dprinting.org - Flashforge Finder
  • - 3.8
If you want to enjoy a great printing experience with a clean looking, super quiet, and easy-to-use 3D printer that just works, then the Flashforge Finder is definitely a 3D printer you should consider, especially at that price range.
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Flashforge Creator 3 3D Printer In-Depth Review
pick3dprinter.com - Flashforge Creator 3
  • - 4.35
The 3D printer is also known to print excellently with polymers. Where it gets tricky with this printer is in the setup part. But there too the touchscreen interface by Flashforge is all ready to guide you in making you click the right buttons for setting up the printer correctly. And how can one not note the IDEX design which is not only an important highlight of the printer but also an important source of a learning tool for students? Professionals will love to play with the tool and save their time. And the slicer of the printer is a joy to work with after having worked with various other open-sourced slicers. Overall, this 3D printer is one of a kind that has something for the beginner, intermediate as well as expert in the field of 3D printing technology.
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A 3D printer protected from the elements
cnet.com - Flashforge Adventurer 4
  • - 4
No matter what I threw at it, from the Lincoln bust CNET uses as a benchmark to a giant dragon-horse that took up the entire build volume, the printer took it and spat out a great print.
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