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Sinterit Lisa 3D Printer In-Depth Review - Sinterit Lisa
  • - 4.25
Sinterit Lisa is a desktop SLS machine, which is incredibly affordable for this type of technology. Not only is the Lisa system low in price, but also it’s essentially a plug-and-play printer.
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Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D Printer In-Depth Review - Sinterit Lisa Pro
  • - 4.15
Overall, Sinterit Lisa Pro is more advanced than its previous iterations. The new Nitrogen chamber is bliss for all the 3D printing enthusiasts who love to play with different printing materials. And were not opting for SLS 3D printing technology over SLA and FDM 3D printing technology for the same reason. The other add-on is the huge build volume which will let one print industrial-grade parts and functional prototypes of a quality that is unmatched in the complete market of 3D printing. So, the call is clear for the one who wishes to have higher quality objects, should opt for it.
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