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Quality that's out of this world
techradar.com - Elegoo Saturn
  • - 4.5
For fans of larger figurines or those in need of larger prototypes for projects, the Elegoo Saturn is a sure win. Its larger print bed and 4K monochrome LCD screen allow users to print on a bigger scale, and at greater speeds, for a reasonable price.
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4K Resolution without a $4K Price Tag
3dprinterly.com - Elegoo Mars 3
  • - 4
Given the upgrades in resolution over the Mars 2 Pro, it’s easy to see that the Mars 3 is the printer to choose if you want high resolution and fast speed. However, if price is the primary concern, the Mars 2 Pro may be cheaper, depending on sales, and the Anycubic Photon Mono is available for the blow-out price of $189 direct from Anycubic.
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