Fastest 3D Printer: The Top 5

Cheryl Owens20 Feb 2022

There are many different types of 3D printers available. 3D printing is now one of the fastest-growing industries globally, with an estimated $2.4 billion in revenue for 2015. The demand for personal 3D printers has risen due to the increased application and interest from consumers who want to try their hand at creating something new. 3D printers have printed prosthetics, fashion designs, jewellery, and even human organs. With a 3D printer, you can come up with anything you want! Here are some of the top 5 fastest 3D printers available today!

Importance of Speed in 3D printing

3D printers have been around for a while, but they're still not mainstream. But as the technology improves and becomes more accessible, it's becoming much easier to produce an object on demand. It's also important that speed is taken into account when printing. There are three main types of speeds to consider:

  • Print speed
  • Print time
  • Building envelope

Here's why these three measurements are important in 3D printing. Print speed is the speed that a 3D printer can produce an object. The faster the print speed, the quicker you can produce an object. However, as with any machine, print speeds are limited by other factors like printers' materials and mechanical strength. Print time is how long it takes for a 3D printer to complete a print. It's measured in hours or minutes and not seconds. This means that a slower print time will result in more prints being completed before the building envelope is reached. The building envelope is the size of the object you want your 3D printer to create for you. The bigger your build envelope, the longer it will take to print your object.

Top 5 fastest 3D Printers

1. Formlabs Form 2

This is the most sophisticated and feature-rich 3D printer by Formlabs. The multi-tasking capabilities of this printer are for people who never compromise on quality. The size is the first thing folks notice about this device when they walk into a Formlabs office. This is due to its bulky build and large plastic body structure. The Form 2 3D printer is Windows-based; hence, you can use any software you want to enhance the possibilities of this machine-like CAD software and your PC architecturally visualisations. This creation sends material and filament into two directions as both motors work under very low inertia to ensure minimum printing disturbances throughout the printing process. Pros

  • Running speed available at 250 mm/second at a temperature of 240°C (soluble ABS) or 300 mm/second at a temperature of 210°C (terephthalate, e.g., Silicone)
  • Enormous build volume measuring 270 x 270 x 460mm allows your prints to remain small and designed, although robust.
  • Construction is quiet, very durable, works at low temperature and works with great speeds tailored to multi-layer structures (such as fatware and composite); it could also print soluble objects in the water.
  •  Heavy-duty stainless steel bed functions well in very high temperatures (up to 450°C) without much intervention given by the designer or users via maintaining the consistency with conundrums/model/software, even printing cast objects when affordable resin plastic material is employed.

2. Anycubic Photon Mono X

Represents a small but highly efficient printer based on modular technology. However, unlike its competitors that offer commonly the same cooling and motor units for the two axes, the Anycubic Photon Mono X printer offers an advanced curving mechanism giving you the sheer power of usage from both head and bedsides. Also, this is doing away with advanced costing and leaving you reliant on low-cost materials that also successfully prove their merits.

3. Unit Slash Plus UDP 3D Printer

The new Slash Plus is more powerful than ever with adopting a fully enclosed design instead of the open-frame design. This translation allows every aspect of design to be above that of light while optimising efficiency and print aesthetics. Other than that, the Slash Plus is more developer-friendly than ever. The open-source nature of the UMK technology shrouds a large community of enthusiasts, including many elected repairers. With those repairs easily available and negotiated, it leaves the user safe for maintenance yet empowered with great power of customisation through technical knowledge about the printer. Its speed is uncompromising, with its 1.75mm perimeter layer resolution exceeding the designs of the previous models.

4. WASP 2040 PRO Turbo 3D Printer

The Wasp 2040 Pro is a proprietary SuperRapid 3D printer made and popularised by 3D Systems. It uses top-of-the-line technology such as the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process, which quickly becomes obsolete to produce new advances rapidly. The machine’s qualities include being highly eco-friendly with great tips on maintaining the machine. Its speed, efficiency and durability are also great, boosting its amenity for enthusiasts and standard users. While most 3D printers fail before their warranty, Wasp promises that 2040 will work perfectly during production.

5. HP 3D Jet Fusion 5200

The 3D Jet Fusion 5200 is also one of these rapid machines which offer unparalleled technology and features. It uses a proprietary silo coated resin printer to weld the best materials in the market, plus that resonates with innovative features such as its cubic silicon material grant use in machines that support ABS, G10 and PC. Furthermore, its dual-shape option represents a great way for making variable speed settings for different parts of robots, and their speeds are great enough to match up with large industrial printers’. Finally, this energy from its Turbo print mode allows 3D Printer output among printers at a considerably lower speed in comparison.


The best 3D printers are generally more expensive than other models. However, they are also fast, efficient, and have a high build volume. 3D printers have become a lot more accessible in the past few years, and now you can get one for a very affordable price. The technology is also constantly improving, meaning your 3D printer will last you a long time. If you’re looking to invest in a 3D printer and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, the top 5 cheapest 3D printers are perfect for your needs.

Cheryl Owens

Cheryl Owens

Welcome to Printlitic! 3D printing became a hobby of mine 5 years ago with an earlier model of Anycubic printer. Since then, I have grown to love seeing what people can build & create, and how these printers can change the world.

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