Flashforge Adventurer 3

Flashforge Adventurer 3
  • Usable Filament Diameter

    1.75 mm

  • Max Recommended Printing Speed

    100 mm/s

  • Build Area

    150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm

  • Layer Height

    0.1 - 0.4 mm

Product Overview

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 is a 3D printer that offers an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable introduction to the world of 3D printing. The Adventurer 3 features a 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm build area, which is perfect for most projects, and has an extruder type of Bowden. With this extruder, the Adventurer 3 can print at speeds up to 100 mm/s with a resolution of 0.2 mm. This 3D printer also features a layer height of 0.1 - 0.4 mm and a usable filament diameter of 1.75mm. The Adventurer 3 is our most affordable entry-level machine, but don't let its low price fool you: it's packed with innovative features and is backed by a full two-year warranty.

Flashforge Adventurer 3 Specification


There's a Bowden extruder inside.

This Bowden extruder means that the extruder is mounted on the frame of the actual printer rather than the tip. The filament then travels through a PTFE tube to reach the hot end, and out onto the print.

Extruder Type

The usable filament diameter is a 1.75 mm diameter.

There are 1 extruders in the printer. Having more than one extruder attached to the printer can help you print material faster, as the printer can focus on multiple elements at once.

The recommended maximum printing speed is 100 mm/s. This printing speed can affect the quality of the print, so make sure this speed falls within ranges you would like.

You'll get a 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm in the Flashforge Adventurer 3, so make sure everything you want to print fits in this. You can make do by making your print in pieces, and then assembling, however, sometimes you'll just need a larger build area.

The build plate is made from fr4 (The glass fiber plate).

Usable Filament Diameter
1.75 mm
Build Plate Material
fr4 (The glass fiber plate)
Max Power Consumption
150 W
Build Area
150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm
Build Plate Attachment
Ambient Operating Temperature
18°C - 30°C
Max. Nozzle Temperature
240 ºC
Number of Extruders
Build Plate Leveling System
Filament Chamber Closed
Build Plate Surface
adhesive sheet
Open Filament System
Max Build Plate Temperature
100 ºC
Layer Height
0.1 - 0.4 mm
Total Mass Overall Dimensions
388 mm x 340 mm x 404 mm
0.2 mm
Build Chamber During Process
Open or Closed
Max Recommended Printing Speed
100 mm/s
Cloud Control
USB Port
Ethernet Port
Hepa Filter
Filament Runout Sensor
9 kg
388 mm x 340 mm x 404 mm
AC: 100 V - 230 V (47-63 Hz)
Total Weight
9 kg

Where to buy the Flashforge Adventurer 3

The lowest price is $369 for the Flashforge Adventurer 3, available from ozrobotics.com.

Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer Auto Leveling Cloud Printing

Reviews of the Flashforge Adventurer 3


Based on 3 reviews

Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D Printer Review
  • - 4.5
The most striking thing you’ll notice about this printer is its build quality. From the moment you unbox the Adventurer 3 it looks like it's ready to go, and you wouldn’t be far from wrong. In fact, the lack of assembly and setup is exactly what Flashforge is best at providing in their machines, and that kind of accessibility is perfect for those just starting on their 3D printing journey and experienced makers alike.
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If you are searching for an enclosed and easy to use option that won't break the bank, then this is a great option
  • - 4.5
If you want a 3D printer that is convenient and easy to operate above all else, then we highly recommend checking out the FlashForge Adventurer 3. This fully enclosed printer makes it a great option for classrooms or anywhere else where you need to protect curious hands from the printer's hot end and other moving parts. It has decent print qualities and a solid set of capabilities, though the customer support can be a bit lacking. Even better, it is also a relatively budget-friendly option!
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FlashForge Adventurer 3 3D Printer In-Depth Review
  • - 3.8
After only a week of printing with this machine, you would come to know that the features on which company banks and advertisements are really worth it. Even while buying, if you compare the features with competitors you’d get to know that this printer has everything that it takes to be in the price range that it currently is. The performance of Adventurer 3 isn’t top of the line, but considering all the features packed in for the price, it’s certainly acceptable. The Adventurer 3 is a very useful tool for education, and beginners or the casual hobbyist that love to experiment with technology. In these regards, there are not many printers that can serve all three audiences. However, for a maker or professional, this printer could very well end up being frustratingly limited, both in print size and slicer compatibility. But it serves the primary audiences with complete justice.
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