The Best Glow in The Dark 3D Printer Filament

Cheryl Owens17 Apr 2022

There are many benefits to owning a 3D printer. This technology is very beneficial, from printing out your clothing or jewellery to making your accessories. However, having a suitable filament is as essential as finding the right printer. In 2015, glow in the dark 3D printer filament had made 3D printing much easier and more fun. This is because glow-in-the-dark filaments allow you to print objects with a different light that can’t be seen in regular light. If you want unique designs on your 3D-printed projects, then it's time for you to learn about these top five glowing filaments for creative projects and prints. ** **

Glow In The Dark 3D Printer Filament Review

The best glow-in-the-dark 3D printer filament is a personal preference. There are many factors that you should consider before making a purchase decision. So, how do you decide which one to buy? First of all, it's essential to know your budget. You can buy a variety of different filaments in varying price ranges. But remember, higher quality materials and production values cost more to produce. If you are on a limited budget, this aspect may be too expensive for your project. Another factor is the size of the filament tube or cartridge that you need. Glow in the dark filaments come in standard sizes like 1.75mm and 3mm diameter tubes and cartridges with more significant amounts of filament contained inside them. The bigger they are, the more they will cost, so make sure your project can use them before purchasing one. Some other things to consider are any special features that the filament has that might be useful for your project or print method of choice. For example, if you want an opaque object to be seen only when light shines on it from behind, then glow-in-the-dark filament would be perfect for this job. Or, if you want to take advantage of UV-reactive ink in specific designs, this kind of filament would work nicely for this printer.

Top 5 Best Glow in The Dark 3D Printer Filaments

1. Hatchbox

This is one of the most reputable manufacturers of various kinds of filament. Its Glow in The Dark ABS 3D Printer Filament also lives up to these high expectations and comes at an unbeatable price. This environment-friendly ABS filament can be used in various lighting conditions without losing its visual appearance significantly, especially when viewed under sunlight or bluish light. The spool sells it so that it may require some additional effort on your side for proper storage and management, but that shouldn't be too much trouble at all as long as you have an appropriately sized spool holder. Also, please note that this filament is only suitable for printers with a heated bed connected to the board's power supply since it can only work at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius. Using this easy-to-use packaging option could make a massive difference if you're looking out for convenience and ease-of-use on top of value for money, so do consider that if you intend on adding or removing spools from your printer arsenal.  

2. 3D Solutech

This ABS Glow in the Dark Filament is designed to produce high-quality 3D models with excellent off-plane adhesion and oxygen barrier property. This flexible filament helps objects develop full strength when they take their final form since they maintain a natural surface finish that isn't too rough or bulky. The delicate layer tension helps create a smooth overall surface, preventing wires and points from digging into the material ends that deal with high loads. However, suppose you intend on utilizing this material to 3D print moving parts or intense mechanical objects. In that case, you should use a natural ABS while printing instead as it can furnish a bit more support than Glow in the Dark Filament. Just make sure that your fusion setting of 210°C is thoroughly tested before starting a significant project involving this 3D printer filament.

3. Gizmo Dorks

This ABS Glow in the Dark 3D Printer Filament is available on the filament. Ink's prominent marketplace under the Gizmo Dorks brand. Their customized ABS duct is incredibly sensitive to light, locking in its glow and retaining its overall shape. This reduces the chances of your prints eventually decomposing, even after being exposed to profound sunlight for several hours or a day full of coastal shore waves, as its glow-in-the-dark effect can last anywhere between 5 and 6 hours.  Consistent Ultraviolet radiations are believed to have a mellowing impact on 3D printed materials regardless of material type, so this opens a wide range of usage possibilities for this particular Glow in the Dark 3D Printer Filament. The inclusion of graphite filaments ensures that the print job adheres wonderfully to many surface types during an extended period, preventing prints from crumbling or splitting into loose parts during transit or interspatial transportation from one room to another place.

4. Melting

This 3D Glow in the Dark PLA is created by precisely engineering the right kind of photoluminescence within durable PLA, turning it into a stable glow-in-the-dark material that's both safe and non-toxic. Thankfully, the organic polymer substance contains zero heavy metals, making it safe for anyone who wishes to 3D print parts during the night. It also withstands extreme weather conditions, so you can generously print outdoors if you keep them under periodical sun showers. Safety first! You can use it to print several kinds of robotic body parts because the company is more concentrated on innovating a sturdy filament for such purposes instead.  After trying out several prototypes and failed tweaks that led to nowhere but coil failures, Meltink had finally concocted their perfected formula that retains its glow in varying levels of brightness over time as well as facing harsh conditions such as strong wind and heavy raindrops. Based on verified buyers' customer feedback and positive features, Meltink 3D Glow in the Dark PLA Filament works best when their customized vending machine is handled wonders.

5. Hello3D

This glow-in-the-dark filament is designed to be used for any form of general application where you'll get the maximum benefit from illuminating your piece.  From every prototype to end-use parts and models, 3D prints made from it will turn out great as long as you consider printing a high number of threads with a thickness of 0.1 - 0.35mm per single layer before considering separation on initial layers. This allows the user to reproduce the model pattern in real life through the corresponding thread proportions created by your 3D printer without too much trouble. Its ultimate application is best reserved for literal light sources (a box-endured candle) within set nightlumes, with print parts insensitive against daylight or artificial light as they would start degrading after some time when exposed almost directly under, causing them to lose their former glow characteristics.  This makes Hello3D Glow in the Dark Filament well applicable for decorative pieces destined for exclusive plain.

Why Should You Use Glow in The Dark Filaments?

There are many reasons why you should use glow-in-the-dark filaments. For one, these filaments allow you to create 3D prints that you can't see with the naked eye. This is an excellent option for those with light sensitivities and must work in darkened rooms. Second, because of their luminous properties, glow-in-the-dark materials are easy to recognize by other people. This includes your loved ones or roommates. Lastly, even though they're typically used for children's projects and prints, adults can also use this type of filament! It's fun to print items using various light colors instead of just plain old black or white.


Glow in the dark 3D printer filaments is a must-have for any 3D printing enthusiast. They can add some extra pizzazz to your printer by giving your models a unique feature that will make them stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a filament that is guaranteed to glow for a long time or one that is half the cost of the competition, this guide has got you covered.

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